Free Towing

Do you have an unwanted car that needs to be removed as soon as possible? Or are you stuck in the middle of the road with an accidental car & need an emergency service? Emergency towing services are also available as we come to the location right on the spot. Therefore, don’t get confused about whom to call for help, simply approach Instant Cash for Cars. We offer free towing services in & around the Adelaide suburbs. Not only this sort of car, but we also offer free car removals for cash for all conditions:

  • Passenger or Commercial Vehicles
  • Rusted Car Bodies
  • Free Towing for Flood-Damaged Car
  • Old Trucks & Four Wheel Drives
  • Wrecked Vehicles
  • Free Car Collection for Hail Damaged Vehicles

You get cash for your car up to $9,999 depending on the condition. The more good condition car often fetches higher money.

Book Free Towing and Removal service that is absolutely free of cost by calling on 08 7071 9215.

How Does It Work?

1. Ask for Quote

Do you want to sell your vehicle? It’s just simple to send your vehicle details using our evaluation form or call us.

2. Valuation of Vehicle

When we received your enquiry for a quotation, our team will generate a quote using our sales data record of such kinds of vehicles.

3. Acceptance of Quote

Accepting quotes will finally go to collect your car.

4. Pay You Cash & Tow Away

Our team will pay you and collect the required documents before asking for your car key.

We Tow Away the All Brands Be It Foreign or Domestic, High-End of Budget

Our company is ready to accept all brands without any hassles such as Honda, Ford, Hyundai, Holden, Mercedes, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Audi, Lexus, Subaru, and many more! We’ll tow it away no matter if a car has wheels or not & whatever condition it may be i.e. accident damaged, engine failure, old, used, or wrecked. You are just a call away from us!! Hurry up, let us know your problem & place of removal, we’ll send our removal team right away

What Happens To Scrap Cars After Towing?

Once a car is towed it is taken to our scrap car yard in Adelaide where we wreck it in an environment-friendly manner. We have a team of Auto Dismantlers who are experts like the back of their hands in disposing of such cars in the right way. Firstly, they dismantle it and separate the reusable & recyclable parts. Secondly, they crush the car body to produce scrap metals. In this manner, there are lots of valuable & recyclable materials collected out of junk vehicles which can be used for many purposes.

Why Choose Instant Cash For Cars For Towing Services?

  • Time-Saving As we get a quote within 30 Minutes.
  • No Physical visit is required for vehicle inspection.
  • Fast and eco-friend car removals
  • Auto Recycling for Scrap Metals
  • Easy Paper Work
  • Service Areas are Adelaide Wide.
  • We never ask photos for of your wrecked vehicles.
  • Our team is providing free towing for dead cars.
  • We buy you any condition vehicle.
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