Frequently Asked Questions


I live in the Adelaide suburbs - Is this service for me?

We provide our cash for cars Adelaide service wherever you may be in Adelaide. It’s as easy as giving us your address and a date and time, we will tow your car away for free and pay you instant cash for cars.


How do I know how much scrap car is worth?

All you need to do is call us for a free quote and we will give you an estimate of how much your car is worth. Plus, we would need simple details about your car’s model, make and current condition, but that’s all. Once we have that, we will tell you what your car is worth on the phone itself.

How can I get the free car removals in Adelaide service?

If you have a junk unwanted car, you can get the free car removals service in Adelaide. Instant cash for cars provides free cars removal and towing whenever we buy an old unwanted car.

Please note that we have some simple conditions. The car needs to be yours or you must have the permission to make the sale. We do not tow cars from accident sites and we only remove cars from open parking lots or yards.

How much does Instant Cash for Cars pay for junk cars?

As the leading cash for cars service in Adelaide, we pay good cash for junk cars. Our company has paid our clients up to $8000 in the past. Furthermore, we can do the same for you depending upon the worth of your junk car.

What do I need to sell a junk car to Instant Cash for Cars?

Not much at all! As long as you own the car or have the owners permission to sell it, you can sell your scrap car to us. Additionally, we are happy to provide you cash for cars in Adelaide if you have a driver’s license. No paperwork needed, no inspection needed.

What kind of junk cars do you buy?

We buy scrap and junk cars of any model or make, These could be jeeps, SUV s, hatchbacks, sports cars and even trucks.

Do you buy larger scrap vehicles?

Yes! Our company buys 4 wheel drives, vans and even buses.

Do you charge me for towing?

Our towing services are completely free. You can have your car removed from your premises at no cost to you. Furthermore, we pay you to cash for scrap cars.

In what condition does my car need to be to sell to Instant Cars for Cash?

Your car can be in any condition as long as it has its main components including the engine. Our business buys wrecks, scrap cars and junk cars. Any car we buy does not need to be in working condition or road worthy.

In what cases will you reject my car?

Instant Cash for Cars does not pay cash for cars if the car does not belong to you and you do not have permission to sell. Furthermore, we do not tow cars from accident sites or accept cars minus the engine and other major parts.

In conclusion, if the answers to your questions are not here, you can call us at 08 7071 9215 . Our reps will be happy to resolve any issues or answer any queries. Instant Cash for Cars is all for being your convenient cash for cars Adelaide service.

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