Parking Rules in Australia

Parking Rules in Australia
Posted On Oct 08 2019

Parking rules in Australia, Ever have to pay a hefty fine for illegal parking anywhere? Then you are among all those individuals who make the same mistake once in their life. Parking fines differ from place to place, and at some places, penalties are much more as compared to others. In Australia, for example, Adelaide is considered as the most expensive place for off-street parking. According to reports, there is an increase in prices compared to the previous year.

Parking rules you should know

As we know, the different places in Australia have various fines for car parking. So, the best way to avoid penalties is to follow the rules and regulations in the first place. There are specific laws about Car parking in Australia. Let us discuss those in details:

Parking Rules, people are not allowed to park their cars at the bus stop. You are not even allowed to park your car within 20 meters before and 10 meters after the bus stop. You are not permitted to park your vehicle within 3 meters of any double centre lines or 20 meters before and after a railway crossing lines. Parking rules are stricter in South Australia as compared to other places. Most, parking your car within 1 meter of fire plug indicator or fire hydrant is not allowed.

In the Northern Territory, car parking is cheaper, but if you exceed your limit, then you will be fined. Recent reports state that the number of fines for vehicle parking has been increasing, so it is better to avoid such circumstances.

Western Australia has parking rules that no other place has. One of them is that you can’t park your vehicle with a for sale sign in the window. Only car dealerships are exempted from this law. These places include median strips, roadways even if they are legal places to park. Further, you are not permitted to within 20 meters of a corner with a traffic light.

Trams are a significant mode of transport in Victoria, and there are rules for auto parking near these areas. For example, you won’t be allowed to park your car near a sign displaying words tram stop or tram stop request. It is done to avoid the congestion near tram lines and ensure the smooth functioning of trams. You can’t halt your car within 3 meters of the bicycle crossing or before 10 meters of it.

As we came to know that Adelaide is one of the expensive cars parking beautiful city. In Queensland, even you can’t stop near post offices since many people still snail mail. They won’t allow you to park your car within 3 meters of a post box unless you want to drop off or pick up mails. Even on a crest or outside the built-up area, it is not advisable to stop your car.

So, according to news reports, parking fine at Adelaide starts from a whopping $52. So it is best to stay within parking limits completely. If you park your vehicle anywhere near a road or street longer than a day, then you will be fined. You cannot park a vehicle within 10 meters of the intersection without any traffic lights. They prohibit places between a property and a road like lawns and gardens for parking cars.

At an average people pay near about $31.41 for an hour and $18.30 for half an hour for auto parking.  Adelaide is yet another city where car parking fines are much more than in other places.


So, as we saw that there are different parking rules for different places in Australia. Some of them are similar as they need to be followed wherever you go. SO it is advisable to always abide by the parking rules to stay away from the fines levied after that.